Other 2011 Ports

In 2011, The Tall Ships will race between Waterford, Greenock, Lerwick, Stavanger and Halmstad. Lerwick is the welcoming port after the 'cruise in company' leg and the starting port for the Second race to Stavanger.

Map Showing 2011 Ports


Waterford, Ireland: 30th June - 3rd July 2011

Cead Mile Failte a Phort Lairge. Waterford City is delighted to welcome back The Tall Ships Races in 2011. Waterford City, the oldest City in Ireland has a very rich maritime history and exceptional quay frontage which will again make the City an excellent first port in The Tall Ships Races 2011. The North and South Quays of the River Suir are over 1.6km long and sheltered. These Quays have the capacity to accommodate all classes of tall ships including ships with draughts of up to 7.5 metres. The Quays are located in the heart of the city centre with all the required amenities. Waterford City looks forward to welcoming back The Tall Ships Races in 2011. See www.waterfordtallshipsrace.ie

Greenock, Scotland: 9th July - 12th July 2011

Since The Tall Ships Races last visit the River Clyde, many exciting changes have taken place along the Inverclyde waterfront. Old warehouses have been restored, new apartments built and harbour areas regenerated. In August 2011, berthing for the fleet will be at the historic James Watt Dock and Great Harbour. This is a compact area with deep water and plenty of space for land based entertainment for crews and the visiting public. One thing that will not change is the Scottish welcome which the people of Greenock and Inverclyde will extend to all the participants in The Tall Ships Races 2011. See www.tallshipsracesgreenock.com


Stavanger, Norway: 28th - 31st July 2011

Stavanger is situated at the southwest coast of Norway, at the southern approaches to the spectacular Norwegian Fjords. The region is also known as centre for the Norwegian energy industry and the leading culinary region.

Stavanger is a true maritime town with a heritage going back to the age of the Vikings. The port is situated in the middle of the town centre close to all facilities and infrastructure. The vessels will get a continuous, uninterrupted berthing for almost 2000 meters around the bay. The crews will get the opportunity to visit some spectacular nature, only 1-2 hours travel from the port. See www.tallships.no


Halmstad, Sweden: 5th August - 8th August 2011

Halmstad is the city that never sleeps. It is changing, developing and continuously dishing up new experiences. In Halmstad we have a vision that is based on three parts: the home city, the knowledge city, and the enjoyment city. What is especially unique is that we have integrated into our vision, among other things, that people are to be met with love. How many cities have included love in their vision? Halmstad offers all the conditions for a good encounter. Regardless of whether it’s at an official conference or after work, at work and entrepreneurship or during leisure time. The people, the nature, the sea, the beaches, the many golf courses, the lively special-interest groups and clubs, the city’s pulse, an active industry-that’s Halmstad in a nutshell.  See http://www.tallshipsraceshalmstad.se